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Osteria Savio Volpe

It could be the wood-fired oven or the fact that it’s situated away from the busyness of downtown in the Fraserhood neighborhood, but whatever it is, Savio Volpe is a local favorite. It’s just as family-friendly as it is couple-friendly and there’s a lot to choose from, which is probably why they have a family-style option, where you can have them pick everything for you. We like to pick out our favorites a la carte, though, like the salumi board, kale salad, lemon rosemary half chicken, and any of their pastas. They also have an impressive cocktail and wine list, with aperitifs like a Lambrusco Spritz. Make sure you book a few weeks ahead to get a time that isn’t 5pm or 9pm, otherwise go when they open, put your name down, and then grab a beer or two at Bells and Whistles while you wait.

Osteria Savio Volpe review image

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