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Luv2Eat Thai Bistro

Brant Cox
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Brant Cox
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Brant Cox
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Kat Hong
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El Compadre

Brant Cox

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Tao  review image

LA Review


Tao is a pan-Asian clubstaurant in Hollywood full of tourists who don't know any better.

Members review image

LA Review


Members is a Moroccan-themed clubstaurant on Sunset Blvd. and a great place for a wild night out.

Beauty & Essex review image

LA Review

Beauty & Essex

Beauty & Essex is a random, very boring Hollywood clubstaurant that you don't need to prioritize.

Mes Amis review image

LA Review

Mes Amis

Mes Amis is an upscale French brasserie attached to the Thompson Hollywood and a great place to start a night out.

MainRo review image

LA Review


If you're in the mood for an over-the-top clubstaurant experience, MainRo in Hollywood is one of the best shows in town.

The Best Sports Bars In LA guide image

LA Guide

The Best Sports Bars In LA

The best bars to watch a game in LA.

Mother Tongue review image

LA Review

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue is a kind of healthy rooftop restaurant in Hollywood.

Gunsmoke review image

LA Review


Gunsmoke is a Japanese-American spot in Hollywood perfect for industry dinners.

LA Rose Cafe review image

LA Review

LA Rose Cafe

LA Rose Cafe is a true Hollywood icon and the most charming Filipino restaurant in town.

IO Rooftop  review image

LA Review

IO Rooftop

IO Rooftop at The Godfrey in Hollywood has good views and a casual atmosphere.

21 Hollywood Bars That Don’t Suck guide image

LA Guide

21 Hollywood Bars That Don’t Suck

Hollywood’s nightlife is intense. We’re here to help you navigate it—these are the best bars in Hollywood.

Lily's Bar review image

LA Review

Lily's Bar

Lily's Bar is a great spot for a sexy midweek date in Hollywood.

Desert 5 review image

LA Review

Desert 5

Desert 5 is a Pioneertown-inspired rooftop bar in Hollywood that is committed to the bit.

Tlayuda LA review image

LA Review

Tlayuda LA

Tlayuda LA is a women-owned Oaxacan spot in Hollywood with - you guessed it - great tlayudas.

Clark Street Diner review image

LA Review

Clark Street Diner

Clark Street Diner in Hollywood is the 101 Coffee Shop 2.0—same iconic interiors, better bread.

Mother Wolf review image

LA Review

Mother Wolf

Mother Wolf is a Roman-style Italian place in Hollywood that makes eating at other restaurants feel like waiting in line at the post office. It's a party, but the pasta will keep us coming back for more.

Grandmaster Recorders review image

LA Review

Grandmaster Recorders
Mr. Charlie's review image

LA Review

Mr. Charlie's

Commonly referred to as the “vegan McDonald’s,” Mr. Charlie’s in Hollywood has taken the global fast food chain’s image and turned it on its head.

Banh Oui review image

LA Review

Banh Oui
Where To Have Lunch In Hollywood  guide image

LA Guide

Where To Have Lunch In Hollywood

The best lunch spots in Hollywood.